January 8th - This Date in Wine History

Bacchante by Lawrence Alma-Tadema

Bacchante by Lawrence Alma-Tadema

Wine has a long established history of being our drink of choice for celebrating, entertaining, and savoring life; but it didn't start out that way. From the invention of the barrel to the designation of the separate viticultural areas, wine has a long and sorted history.  In our daily feature "This Date In Wine History," we share an event of critical importance in wine history. 

  • Russell de St. Maxentin of Hampshire, England was ordered to procure 40 tuns of good wine for the King’s use in 1225.

  • Lawrence Alma-Tadema, Dutch-British artist  was born in 1836.  Mythological elements were often depicted in his work, especially Bacchus.  Additionally, he is described as being a lover of wine, women and parties.

  • Prince Leo Galitzine founder of wine-making in Crimea died in 1916.

  • The South African wine-making cooperative,Koöperatieve Wijnbouwers Vereniging van Zuid-Afrika Bpkt was founded in 1918.